Private Customers

Exeter Computer Repair have been working with private customers since 1999.

You will note that we worked for business customers for 5 years before doing any private work, and a lot of this was due to the fact that in the early years personal computing was only a hobby for the enthusiast, who was self educated and tech savvy, or the wealthy.

Sadly, in the past twelve years not a lot has changed as far as the problems faced by private customers go, they still face the same 5 basic problems;

  • Internet connection issues.
  • Malware / virus / trojan.
  • Hardware failure.
  • Data loss / deletion.
  • Hardware upgrades.

Sadly, from the perspective of the private customer, the challenges facing them in resolving problems haven’t changed much either;

  • Internet issues always involve call centre staff who treat you like an idiot and want you to reboot the computer or reinstall windows.
  • Viruses etc are treated as your fault, go and buy one of the many confusing anti-virus applications and slow your machine down.
  • Hardware failures are seen as an excuse to upsell, flogging you extra components you neither want, need, nor can afford.
  • Data loss is just tough, you are too small for the professionals, and the amateurs don’t really have the skills.
  • Hardware upgrades are seen as an excuse to sell you a brand new complete machine.

What has changed is that nowadays everything is digital, photographs of your kids, wedding videos, banking records, even love letters, all are now digital, and when your computer goes you lose all access to them, possibly permanently.

This also increasingly nowadays applies to smartphones… ECR can often recover data from damaged and dead smartphones, so give us a call before you toss it in the bin.

ECR are and always have been different, we understand that to you, your problems are just as big and just as important and just as urgent as those in the corporate world.

So whatever your problem, don’t panic, friendly, professional and expert help is only a phone call away…  call ECR.