Computer Repairs Training

ECR Training is training that we provide to you, either one-to-one or one-to-many, in various aspects of computer use and maintenance.

These courses are only available at your location or venue.
You must provide a large screen or projector for one-to-many courses.

ECR Training is available in the following forms;

  1. Two hour courses, one-to-one or one-to-many. (code 2h)
  2. Four hour courses, one-to-one or one-to-many. (code 4h)
  3. All day courses, one-to-one or one-to-many. (code ad)
  4. Intensive four hour courses, only one-to-one. (code I4h)
  5. Intensive all day courses, only one-to-one. ( code Iad)

All courses are charged at the hourly and daily labour rates as listed on the Tariff page.

Nota Bene – None of these courses are accredited or provide you with any formal certification or qualification, such as an NVQ, on the contrary, these courses actually teach you essential and useful computer skills and proficiency in ways that leave formalised courses dead in the water.

The following courses are available;

  • Basic computer usage,
    • computer use
    • internet usage
    • file management and naming
    • basic computer security
      • Available as 2h, 4h, ad, I4h, Iad.
        This is your basic starter course that will take anyone who has never had any formal computer training, or who has no computer knowledge (these two categories cover 99.9% of all computer users) to a basic level of proficiency equivalent to passing your driving test if we use a car analogy… each course is tailored to your current individual level of skill, so while a complete novice will be taken through the basics of the WIMP (Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pointer) interface, more experienced users can be advised about bad habits and smarter and faster ways of doing familiar tasks, for example keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL+Z.
  • Advanced usage,
    • Internet including http/ftp/smtp-pop protocols
    • file management including network sharing and backup, restore and compression, computer and network security / firewalls
    • office suites
    • publishing and presentation
    • using and managing databases
    • web site editing and creation
    • multimedia capture/creation/editing
      • Available as 4h, ad, I4h, Iad.
        This is a more advanced course for those who already use CTRL+F etc, but who wish to obtain or polish their skills in such areas as FTP to your web server, setting up email accounts, sharing or transferring files around a network, proper methods and policies of data backup and restoration, and even limited software based data recovery skills, hardening your computer / network / router against the more common weaknesses and attacks, working with office suite software at a professional / corporate level, and using a computer to edit multimedia including 1080p HD video editing and publishing.
  • Specialist courses,
    • LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql Php) web servers and content management software
    • replicating user files and desktop configurations from one computer to another
    • hard disk imaging, cloning and partitioning
    • soak testing hardware and interpeting the results
    • setting up and configuring NAS (network attached storage)
    • setting up and configuring shared network resources such as printers and remote webcams (for security etc)
    • setting up and optimising both wired and wi-fi networks and hotspots
    • integrating android smartphones to both local PC and cloud services such as those provided by Google etc
      • Available as I4h, Iad.
        Specialist courses in all of the above subjects will take you from being a competent computer user to a level of knowledge and confidence in any of the above areas such that you can attempt and complete any such tasks that come your way, with calm assurance and skill and competence. Most importantly you will also know enough to spot early those cases where problem X is actually a combination of problem X and hidden problem Y, for example an apparent problem with wi-fi signal strength upstairs being caused by a combination of interference from a neighbouring system and less than optimal configuration of your current system, so instead of endlessly tweaking a system with endlessly recurring problems, you simply configure the system to use a channel with less interference, and swap the cheap and nasty 3dBi antenna on the router for a much better 10dBi one (and also know when NOT to use a 10 dBi antenna) total job time 10 minutes.
  • Hardware technician courses, build and diagnose a PC or server.
    Available as I4h, Iad.
    This course will teach to you strip any desktop computer to bare components, inspect, test and diagnose individual components, and reassemble it properly and proficiently and neatly, with attention paid to cable routing, airflow for cooling, noise insulation, etc.
    You will be expected to supply your own working desktop computer, (or if you prefer a set of new parts to assemble one) and the purpose of this is that you will not just learn all about the hardware, you will also learn how to work on systems with live customer data without damaging or destroying the customer’s data. Nothing teaches this lesson like working with data that matters to you personally.
    This course will also discuss the differences between laptop / desktop / server / legacy hardware.

If you would like to book any of the above ECR Training courses please use the Contact Us page.