Computer Repair Prices

This tariff is a GUIDE, we will always quote before starting a job,

but this guide is here so that you can make an informed decision on whether the job in question is worth more to you than we will charge to do it.

This tariff lists LABOUR, it does not include parts costs, if required / applicable. Parts are passed on to the customer at cost.

  • Call-out charge – this is the per day, or per job, call out fee, it applies to on-site jobs in which case it represents the fee to turn up on site.
    • Exeter City only – £10
    • Exeter – 10 mile radius – £30
    • Devon & Somerset – £60
    • Bristol, Cornwall & Dorset – £90
    • Emergency call out between the hours of 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. will incur a surcharge of £50
  • Collection and delivery charge – this is the collection and delivery (of the repaired computer, it covers both) fee, it applies to off-site jobs. I collect and deliver all jobs personally in my own vehicle.
    • Devon & Somerset – £80
    • Bristol, Cornwall & Dorset – £110
  • Computer software repair – this is the basic repair of a computer that does not have any hardware issues, but has suffered a virus infection, corrupted operating system, etc
    • Basic (the hard disk has at least 50% free space) – £60
    • Complex (the hard disk is full, or nearly full) – £90
    • Duplicating (copying data from your old computer to your new one) – £90
    • Recovering lost / accidentally deleted data – £120
    • Password recovery £30 for simple, £90 for complex, no fee for a failed attempt.
  • Computer hardware repair – this is the repair of a computer that has hardware issues, if it has software issues as well then you will get the cheapest of the two free.
    • Laptop – memory or hard disk swap/upgrade – £30
    • Desktop / workstation – any component except motherboard or PSU – £30
    • Desktop / workstation – motherboard or PSU – £60
    • Server – as desktop / workstation plus 50%
  • Computer network repair / setup – please note, this can ONLY be done on-site…
    • 1 to 10 allocated devices – £30
    • 10 to 50 allocated devices – £120
    • over 50 devices – £POA
  • Websites – please note, I pass on at cost domain registration and hosting costs via my preferred local company, the excellent
    • Basic sole trader website – £120 (Content management system, no page limit, WYSIWYG editor, etc)
    • Basic small business website – £240
      • plus live chat – £60 extra
      • plus e-shop catalogue – £60 extra
      • plus credit card transaction – £60 extra, plus provider’s fees, see
  • Hardware upgrades
    • parts at cost plus £30 handling fee – fee applies per supplier / order.
  • New / custom / bespoke hardware builds.
    • parts at cost, plus £60 build fee
    • 24 hour burn-in test fee £30, 48/72 hour test £60
    • Commercial software at cost.
  • Basic daily labour / consultancy rate
    • Labour per hour – £30
    • Labour per day – £180
    • Consultancy per day – £250

Please note that in all instances my terms are cash on the nail, instant PayPal payment,
or deposited into my Bank A/C and showing as a credit in my e-banking software.

ALL other payment methods such as cheques, and delayed payment times such as the end of the week, are by advance agreement ONLY.

I can issue an invoice, on site, sent instantly to your e-mail as a PDF, and I can both issue and accept an instant PayPal money request for this amount, which you can pay immediately with any major credit or debit card, even if you are not a PayPal user. This means ECR never either see, record, or hold your plastic details. I can then issue an instant receipt, sent instantly to your email (or WiFi enabled printer) as a PDF. I can also issue instant quotations and job costing.