We have been working with computers for 25 years now, that is from before “the internet“, before Microsoft, before the x86 CPU families, and while this is, in computer terms, back in the age of the dinosaurs, it does not mean that ECR (Exeter Computer Repair) are dinosaurs and all our knowledge is out of date.

In fact, quite the opposite is true, ECR have always stayed up to date with the bleeding edge of technology, both in the field of personal / home computers, and business / commercial computers and servers.

ECR absolutely will not, ever, “up-sell” which is sadly the very first thing that other computer / IT companies will resort to. “Oh yes sir, you need a new hard disk and a new graphics card.” (which they just happen to have in stock, at huge mark-up) when in fact all you needed was an OS (Operating System) and / or device driver software reinstall, which should have cost just an hour or two of labour.

ECR have low overheads, so we pass this significant cost saving along to you, the customer.

ECR also publish our tariff… nobody else does this.

ECR charge each job by the amount of work involved, not by the type of job, type of customer, or anything else.

ECR can solve all your computer problems;

  • laptop,
  • desktop,
  • wired networking,
  • wireless networking,
  • office desktop,
  • office server,
  • web server,
  • commercial website,
  • e-commerce website,
  • lost data,
  • hardware failures, both hardware upgrades and new / custom / bespoke desktop / workstation / server builds…

…what’s more, ECR can solve them fast and economically and with the minimum of fuss. ECR can solve your problems on-site / in your home or office, or we can collect and deliver to your door at an appointed time, whichever you choose.

Exeter Computer Repair cover the counties of Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and Dorset and “CUBA – the county that used to be Avon” and Bristol.

Most customers, both business and private, are very concerned about the security of their data.

They do not want other people trawling through their files, photos, correspondence, bank details, etc.

ECR have always maintained the highest respect for customers’ data privacy, speaking as professionals, you only have to breach that trust once to render yourself unemployable for life in the IT field.

If you choose ECR you can be assured that only one technician / engineer ever goes anywhere near your computer and data.

ECR work quickly and efficiently, it is anything but rare for ECR to solve all a customers’ problems overnight, or all a business customers’ problems over a weekend or bank holiday.

ECR communicates with our customers in clear and accurate plain English.